Special Announcements

Enrollment For 2017 Starts April 1st

!! 2016 Hunt Results Are Posted
!! Proficiency test materials are sent to the shops to coordinate with start of enrollment, so please wait until 4/1 to test as well.
!! Starting in fall 2017, ONLY synthetic-based deer scents will be permitted in MBRB hunts.  This is to help combat the spread of CWD in Minnesota.  Though we realize this will have only a small impact, the MBRB Board wishes to do what is possible to help maintain the health of the Minnesota deer herd.
!! Beginning with hunt draws in 2017, Preference Points will be applied as a primary weighting factor for hunt applications ranked #1 through #3, in order to provide hunters with accumulated points to better benefit from them.  This will also mean that your Preference Points will be set back to zero if you are drawn for your #1 through #3 ranked hunts.
!! Proficiency Tests: MBRB hunters, please be aware that you may experience a delay in getting your test done at your selected test location, depending on how busy the shop is at the time.  MBRB does not expect that administering the tests be given any special priority, so if they are busy with other customers, you will need to wait.  The testing locations are very supportive of our organization, but they also have a business to run so please respect that and act accordingly.  We suggest you contact them before heading in, to find a time that they are not really busy.  Also be aware that they are authorized to charge you a small fee for administering the test.


! Orientation meetings are required. There are no exceptions to this rule.

! Keep in mind sometimes firewalls reject emails. Check your trash/junk before contacting us.