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MBRB Unrecovered Deer Policy


    As an MBRB member, you must first pass an archery proficiency test at an archery shop that qualifies you at a standard or a sharpshooter level. However, as an MBRB hunter you are expected to transfer those archery skills to hunting situations and know the limits of your archery abilities while in the field. This includes consideration of all of the complicating factors in the shot scenario. These factors could be wrong shot angle, obstructed arrow path, an alert deer, etc. You are expected to take only ethical shots, and to maintain your proficiency in the field when you do shoot. You are expected to not shoot until you are certain of the shot you are about to take. If you do make the choice to shoot, you are responsible for the outcome of that shot.


    In an effort to further minimize unrecovered deer during MBRB hunts the MBRB Board has established the following MBRB policy:


Mandatory reporting

    All hunters must report all shots taken and the outcomes of those shots (missed, hit and recovered, hit but unrecovered) on the daily hunting log.


Unrecovered deer

    If a hunter has an unrecovered deer during an MBRB hunt period, that hunter will be put on probation. An unrecovered deer is one that has not been found by the end of the hunt period. However, if a deer is hit on the last evening of the hunt period, the hunt coordinator can seek permission from the landowner to allow the hunter to look for the deer the following morning. If permission is granted and if the subsequent search recovers the deer before noon, it will not be counted as an unrecovered deer. The probation action will be the direct result of the outcome (unrecovered deer), no excuses will be accepted. An unrecovered deer carries with it the restriction of only shooting one deer at a time for all subsequent deer. If a hunter hits a second deer during any hunt period and does not immediately recover the deer, he/she must stop hunting. Under no circumstances, for the remainder of the hunt, will a hunter shoot at a third deer until the second deer is recovered.


    If a hunter should have a second unrecovered deer within an MBRB hunt, that hunter will be removed from the hunt for the remainder of all hunt period. Sharpshooters would also lose their proficiency level for all MBRB hunts until the following season. All probation actions will be sent to the MBRB Board. The Board may decide that further action is necessary if a given hunter has continued similar problems in other hunts, or over more than one season.



Prohibited shot angles

    The following shot angles are NOT TO BE ATTEMPTED AT ANY TIME!! :

  1. Frontal shots
  2. Quartering-to shots
  3. Head and neck shots
  4. Near vertical shots
  5. Rear end shots

    The hunt coordinator has authority to put a hunter on probation if there is evidence that a prohibited shot was taken, even if the deer is recovered.


Maintenance of shooting proficiency in the field

    The hunt coordinator has authority to put a hunter on probation if in their judgment, there is evidence indicating poor shooting proficiency such as particularly bad hits made on deer (beyond the 7-inch proficiency zone centered on the heart lung area), and/or a continued problem of complete misses (which certainly is beyond the proficiency zone).




Quartering Away About 60 percent of the heart-lung area is exposed.


Broadside: BY FAR THE BEST SHOT PLACEMENT! With 100 percent of the heart-lung area exposed, you have a target roughly the size of the 7-inch proficiency circle with still some room for error.

If you are not willing to abide by MBRB rules you should not participate.