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Important MBRB Hunter Application Information

  • MBRB is not intended to be a hunter education organization. Our role is to effectively remove deer from areas selected and provided by various landowners in the metro area. As such our coordinators do not have time to provide in-depth guidance to beginning hunters.
    • You do not need to be an experienced BOWHUNTER to enroll, but you should have some experience with some type of hunting. For instance, people with firearms deer hunting experience who also have gained archery skills are good candidates. Even people with solid experience with small game hunting may apply if they have acquired other sufficient expertise and knowledge.
    • You need to be able to hang your own stand.
    • You should know how to field dress a deer and be prepared to do so.
    • You should be comfortable entering and leaving the woods in the dark.
    • IF you have a friend or family member who can act as a fulltime mentor, you can apply having minimal experience, but you must then apply as a group with that person and be selected for the same hunt.
  • You must be legal to hunt in MN and will need to have a valid MN DNR issued Archery License. You must abide by all MN DNR rules and regulations. MBRB hunts are all within zone 701, which allows for unlimited antlerless harvest – you will need to have at least one bonus tag in your possession.
  • You must hunt from an elevated stand set at a minimum of 10 feet and a maximum of 20 feet. Any exception must be approved by the hunt coordinator. If for medical reasons a hunter cannot use an elevated stand, prior approval for use of a ground blind is needed by the hunt coordinator. Any other use of a ground blind also requires explicit approval of the hunt coordinator.
  • No game cameras before, during or after your hunt, and no video filming of hunts/animals.
  • Only those who are drawn for the specific hunt that you are in are allowed in the park during the hunt.
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